Experience Music Project Fantasy Press Kit

I’m pleased to once again work with Seattle’s super-cool Experience Music Project (AKA EMP Museum). They are a truly innovative and forward-thinking group of people and a pleasure to have as a client. For this piece – a revenue generating press kit – the format was wide open and I was able to once again run free with creative. The piece was positioned playfully as a “Fantasy First Aid Kit” with detailed directions on treating such Middle-Earth maladies as dragon bite, goblin burn and bewitching by mermaid, among others. Included in the kit, for added dimension (and also to indulge the sweet tooth of any fence-sitting recipients) were a selection of common candies (Tic Tacs, Pixie Stix and crystal rock candies) in miniature glass vials, labeled as “Basilisk Eggs,” “Powdered Faerie Wings” and “Moonstones,” respectively. These items were referenced in the text as ingredients used for the purposes described above. For my role, I imagined the overall concept, wrote the copy, engineered the folding paper pieces, sourced all included components, designed the entire piece and manage production.

The nuts and bolts of the exhibit’s information, including audience demographics, artifact samples and sponsorship opportunities, were woven seamlessly throughout the conceptual content for an engaging and informative reader experience.

The Fantasy theme was carried out, graphically and textually, in a way that would remind readers of a wide spectrum of favorite fantasy stories, from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, without ever actually referencing any copyrighted material directly.