These are all unsolicited, direct quotes from clients and vendors. The attributions are sometimes anonymous because I’ve taken these all from direct, private correspondence and the authors had no idea I was going to publish any of this. I’m sharing these comments so you have a window into what my clients think about how we work together.


It’s freakin’ magic!!! I’m always amazed at the wizardry you can do…”

– Whiskey Brand Manager, Luxco, March 16, 2022


Everyone who has seen it has gone nuts and declared it our finest packaging yet. I agree. Set the bar. Simply perfect.”

– Patrón Spirits Co, March 28, 2019


There are people who become fans of our product solely based on the label. Can’t thank you enough for giving us something better than we could have imagined.”

– Erik Wolfe, Co-Founder Stoll & Wolfe Distillery, Nov 19, 2018


That is one of the most beautiful labels I’ve ever seen.”

– Fred Minnick, Bestselling Author, Bourbon Curator & Tasting Expert, Sep 25, 2018


This is so pretty! I am going to make a framed poster of this. So clean and just perfect! Thanks David!”

– SA, Co-Founder, Pursuit Distilling Co, Sep 5, 2018


Damn! This is so nice. Great job and thanks for the quick turnaround. I think we have a winner here – looks so nice and high-end and exactly the shot in the arm the brand needs for an Ultra Premium variant.”

– FB, Brand Manager, Luxco Inc, Oct 19, 2017


This is FREAKIN’ AWESOME! You never disappoint.”

– LB, Brand Manager, Luxco Inc, Sep 20, 2017


You NEVER disappoint! Thanks David!”

– Marketing Assistant, Luxco Inc, Feb 20, 2017


Maybe my favorite package we’ve ever done… WOW!”

– Senior Marketing Executive, Patrón Spirits Company, Feb 2, 2017


Love the speed and quality! Terrific… Awesome job, sir!”

– Director of Innovation, Patrón Spirits Company, Jan 27, 2017


It has been such a pleasure… the fruits of your talent and our collaboration exceeded my hopes and expectations!”

– JB, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Dec 29, 2016


Brett just looked at [the photo] and replied “Oh shit, oh shit, are you serious! That’s extraordinary!”

– Ryan Meyers, Joseph Magnus Distillery, Dec 8, 2016


David, the labels looks outstanding. Great to see your design on real bottles. My thanks for making this happen.”

– JB, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Dec 6, 2016


You are a dream to work with…”

– Print & Sourcing Agent, Oct 25, 2016


We need to find a new job description for you. If the other shitbags that send me “print ready art” get to call themselves designers, we need to find a better name for what it is you do.”

– Label Printer, May 27, 2016


It’s been great working with you and I couldn’t have asked for a better design.”

– Independent Tequila Producer, April 2, 2016  


David thanks for the great work and for being so helpful and honest. This has been a tough business in many ways it is such a relief to find real people like you… I don’t know if I have felt more gratified about anything else that has happened in this business so far.  You nailed it and we are all thrilled!!!”

– Independent Whiskey Distiller, January 22, 2016


David, just wanted to thank you for your support and amazing job in this project since the beginning. Always with the best attitude and prioritizing this project (Even during hard times with the baby). It was a pleasure working with you and hope we can work together again soon in any other project!”

– Diageo, November 20, 2015


I can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support! Your skill and work ethic made this project an absolutely pleasure, and one that resulted in better results than I could have imagined. My very best wishes will be with you and your family in the days to come… hoping for good health for the new arrival and mother. I look forward to our next collaboration! Sincerely, Jamie.”

– George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery, November 2, 2015


Thank you so much!  We are exceptionally pleased with the ease of this process and the excellent result!  I am already dreaming about redesigning our retail whiskey labels…”
– George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery, November 4, 2015


Thanks homeboy! Tons of compliments on the packaging today. Couldn’t be more proud of it.”
– Orlin Sorensen, Woodinville Whiskey Co, November 2015


I rave about you to anyone who will listen.”
– Erik Wolfe, Stoll & Wolfe Distilling, July 30, 2015


You are a thug.”
– Tim Obert, Seven Stills of SF, July 2015


Received the labels today. Holy beautifulness. I’m sure everyone can agree, these are definitely the best labels that we have ever had a for a product. Job WELL DONE!”
– Luxco Operations, July 2, 2015


David, this is my baby and so important for me, you have done a fantastic job I get compliments all the time. As a creative person you get it when it comes to pet projects. I will make sure that you get a bottle.”

– Stephen Beam, President & Distiller Limestone branch Distilling, July 1, 2015


Working with you is making me a better sales person when it comes to labels. A huge value add that you bring to your customers is that you understand what’s going on behind the scenes.” 

– Label Printer, April 24, 2015


Fantastic! It’s coming together beautifully!  The feedback from the distributors on the new package has been outstanding. Lots of praise!”

– Luxco Brand Manager, April 2015


Thank you David for being such an amazing team member and a generally great guy!” 

– Independent Whiskey Distiller, April 2015


This looks great and better than what I wanted.”

– Luxco Brand Manager, April 2015


Top notch work my friend! Honeys gunna be all over this drank.”

– Vodka Distiller, Jan 6, 2015


Can’t tell you how exciting it is to have people geeking out on our design! Great work.”
– Whiskey Distiller, Oct 23, 2014


That is F***ING AWESOME! Thank you for these! Can’t wait to have it in hand!”
– Luxco Brand Manager, Oct 23, 2014


By the way, wanted you to know that we still get weekly, sometimes daily praise/ comments on the logo and artwork. You really hit it out of the park, my friend. People are just loving it, and our sales have increased because of it. I’ve never been so happy, thrilled, and in love with a logo like I am with this one. Thanks for doing such incredible work for us!!”
– Coffee Roaster, Oct 14, 2014


Damn you’re awesome. Beautiful work.”
– Whiskey Distillery Owner, Oct 14, 2014


Your work has been so good, you have attracted our other brand managers to want to utilize your talents in their package redesigns!”
– Brand Manager, Oct 11, 2014


Great work on everything! We are all very impressed with how you do business and your creative vision/knowledge.”
– Brand Manager, Sep 30, 2014


Distillery We can’t thank you enough for your hard work, vision and dedication to the project.”
– Whiskey Distillery Owner, Sep 25, 2014


You rock.”
– Whiskey Distillery Owner, Sep 10, 2014


You’re amazing! Thank you so much for your awesome work! Our labels looks so tasty and exactly as I wanted in the start.”
– Galicia Distilling, Sep 12, 2014


Truly beautiful stuff! Thank you for appreciating our spirits and understanding the locally crafted pride we take in them.”
– Rum Distiller, Aug 15, 2014


“Ok, that’s pretty fucking cool” ”
– Vodka Distiller, Aug 13, 2014


Thank you David. We really appreciate ALL the hard work you put into designing our beautiful packaging. You’re the best!!!”
– Specialty Food Producer, Aug 5, 2014


When you see the labels in person you will momentarily feel bad for the rest of the coffee industry.”
– Coffee Roaster, June 5, 2014


It is really outstanding. So much better than I had even hoped for.”
– Whiskey Distillery Owner, April 3, 2014


You the man; honestly the finest designer I know.”
– Label Printer, March 29, 2014


In my marketing days I worked with many many designers. You  sir, are by far, the most versatile and positive I’ve ever had the opportunity to collaborate with.”
– Whiskey Distillery Owner, March 24, 2014


My honest appraisal and realistic expectation is that these will be the finest business cards on the market. They won’t really be classified as business cards, they are now an all-out marketing weapon.”
– Coffee Roaster Owner, February 20, 2014


This is exactly what we have wanted and been looking for for 15 years. Outstanding work, sir!”
– Brand Owner, February 13, 2014


Our meeting went really really well!! Great work. Very nice study of this brand and a lot of nice thinking. You really brought this to life and we couldn’t thank you more for your work in driving it forward. Thanks!”
– Account Executive, Beam Suntory, Jan 22, 2014


Let me know if you ever need a recommendation for future work or anything – seriously, you’ve been one of the best designers I’ve worked with!”
– Wine Brand Manager, Jan 29, 2014


These look STELLAR!!! Thanks so much. You are rocking the shit out of this assignment!”
– Modernist Cuisine, Oct 8, 2013


I wish I could take you around to some of my other packaging clients and have you teach them how to request quotes for packaging. You should offer classes on how to engineer packaging. You are really good and a dream to work with because you understand the complexity of designing a box. Thank you!”
– Box Printer, 2013


Wow man, it is looking sharp!… All of these are definitely the best stuff I have seen yet from anyone, it’s possible that for the first time in 13 years I am going to be able to tell people how in love I am with our logo.”
– Brand Owner, 2013


I just wanted to pipe up here and say you are ROCKING this assignment David. Thank you so much for your fast, excellent work!!! We were just talking about running a contest for people in the office to have to guess which of these images are real and which are renders.”
– Julep Cosmetics, 2012