I strive for Imperfection


Truly, I work very hard to make sure the packaging that I create isn’t too perfect. I was in the studio after hours, shooting these George Dickel photos. I was… Read More →



As Rod Stewart once said, every picture tells a story, don’t it? This picture tells of an unlikely combination of reflective gold foil and rough, post-consumer, recycled kraft. The resulting… Read More →

Materials & Processes


I frequently find myself trying to explain how much depth, dimension, texture and sexy tactile-appeal a real, printed label will have – particularly in comparison with the flat, cold digital… Read More →

Rough Sketch VS Illustration


A sketch of the Woodinville Whiskey Co. Distillery: I don’t want to get too caught up in semantics, but this is a point worth elucidating, as it frequently causes much… Read More →