A shot of Packaging Advice for Distillers


packaging for distillers
Next week is the ADI’s annual distiller’s conference in Seattle and I’m honored to be able to attend and share some packaging advice with the other attendees. Since these events often leave listeners wanting an easy way to encapsulate the main points of the talk, I went ahead and make a tiny little booklet for exactly that purpose. It’s just 8 pages, with a few photos and a few humble pieces of advice for distillers as they engage with designers and printers. Come see us at the conference and get a copy for yourself. But seriously… it’s very small.

Special thanks to McCallum Print Group for donating the printing of this piece, Neenah Paper for donating the beautiful paper, Tari Gordon of Elite Label – with whom I will be speaking on Wednesday – and the whole thing was her idea – and Nikki Cole Creative for contributing awesome design details and hours of tedious hand work assembling them with me.