100% Local Old Fashioned with a Twist


Here’s one to warm you up. A 100% Seattle-area Old Fashioned.

Local Old Fashioned

• 1.5 oz Woodinville Whiskey Co. Limited Release Straight Bourbon
• 0.5 oz Barrelhead Foods Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
• 2 Dashes Boudreau’s Bokers Bitters

Chill. Strain. Add cherry. Enjoy.

All liquid ingredients are made right here in the greater Seattle Area (excluding only the Luxardo cherry).

There are still a few bottles of Woodinville’s Limited Release Bourbon left – and I mean a few. They only bottled about 600 of them and they will soon be gone. It’s probably a crime to make a cocktail with it, but just this once…

Barrelhead Foods is a new venture started by the same gentlemen who bring you the above whiskey. After the whiskey goes from barrel to bottle, then the syrup takes a turn soaking in oak. The results are amazing. Go get some. Seriously.

Boudreau’s Bitters are also made right here in Seattle, at the infamous Canon: Whiskey & Bitters Emporium. They are everything you hope they would be. Just released a few weeks ago and worth the wait.

Recipe suggestion by Orlin Sorensen. Packaging design for all three of the above named ingredients by David Cole Creative.

Smiles by anyone who makes this drink! Cheers.