Canadian Caboo Paper Products Launches in US Market


I’m excited to announce that today, Caboo Paper is revealing their line of sugar cane & bamboo paper products to the US market at the Anaheim Natural Products expo. I’ve been working with them for months to convert their existing Canadian packaging and brand to something that will represent them well in the US market. Their original brand was well executed and had much to leverage. So far, the transition has been smooth, requiring only minor refinements. In some carefully-considered cases we made the most of this opportunity to rethink some details, streamline the message and/or create new packaging design and original art, tailored specifically for the US consumer of natural products.

The products are fantastic and the sustainable processes by which they are made is making a positive impact as the industry strives to reduce consumption and waste. Bamboo and sugarcane are about as renewable as it gets in the whole spectrum of paper production and I expect this category to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years, with Caboo at the forefront.

The below images are digital 3D renderings created by David Cole Creative. These have proven irreplaceable in vetting design options and creating marketing materials in the interim while manufacturing is underway. Look for updates in the near future as more physical samples arrive and are photographed.

Natural Paper Packaging

Bamboo Packaging

Natural Products Brand Design