Old Tricks, New Pics


While re-organizing my office, I stumbled upon a few old decks of cards – samples from a 2005 design project involving local indie publisher Raconteurs Press. Looking back 7 years I can’t believe I even pulled this project off on my own (while simultaneously employed full-time). The project started with an unsolicited inquiry for 52+ illustrations, a card back design, single carton design, shipping box, point-of-purchase display and various other printed collateral – Oh and the “Washington Wine” word logo as well. I guess I wasn’t totally alone. I was able to procure the assistance of local illustrator Michael Parry, who was a magnificent help with the many paintings involved (a unique piece of art for each card).

After all this time, I found I was still a little bothered by lacking a single photograph that shows off the back of the cards, the back of the cartons or any of the fantastic illustrations on the front of each card. Now, with more experience under my belt and some new camera equipment, I snapped a few photos. Here they are.