Bomberger’s Distillery


Here’s a little sneak peak at an upcoming release for Bomberger’s Distillery, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This name dates back to some of the oldest distilling in the New World and a site that was functioning as early as 1753. I’m honored to work with the wonderful people who are resurrecting this brand and carrying forward a legacy from a too-long dormancy. The distiller at the helm is one Mr. Dick Stoll, recognized for his work at Michter’s and Hirsch. I very much look forward to meeting Mr. Stoll and his partners for the forthcoming launch of this product. Labels are going to print soon. In the meantime, here’s the approved art.

Update: See final photos and more information in the portfolio entry for Bomberger’s Whiskey.

Bomberger’s logo, original glass bottle design, label design and digital 3D comp all by David Cole Creative.

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