Pacific Northwest’s Gentleman’s Companion, Second Edition


cocktail menu design
Although it’s been available at the bar for weeks – and now on Amazon as well – I just received my sample copy of the Jamie Boudreau’s Pacific Northwest’s Gentleman’s Companion.

If you’re not already familiar with the book, it features over 100 delicious cocktail recipes, some history and tips for the budding bartender. Also notable is the “Hardcore Porn” section which lists just a sampling of the rare, vintage and specialty spirits available at the bar. Bring your wallet if you want to try any of those.

The second edition includes some new, original cocktail recipes and a slightly updated, hand bound cover.

Read more about it and view more photos of the interior here.

Cover, interior design and photography by David Cole Creative. Printing by Ballard’s own McCallum Print Group and hand bindery work by our Esteemed Phil’s Custom Bindery in South Seattle.