Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell Bourbon Whiskey Package Re-Design

Let me just get this out of the way: Billy Idol’s classic song “Rebel Yell” is named after the whiskey, not the other way around. The whiskey itself (the recipe),… Read More →

Don Julio Private Cask Reposado

Don Julio Tequila Package Design

A derivative of the pre-existing Don Julio Reposado package, this special edition is designed to be recognizable yet unmistakably elevated in comparison to the “every day” Reposado. Text and graphic… Read More →

Patrón Lot 221


This limited edition release picks up where Patrón’s “Cask Collection” left off. Available only to the global traveler in duty-free stores.



The Everclear brand and package design has remained mostly unchanged since its inception in 1950. Over the years, incremental updates have brought additional government-required language and warnings – each squeezed… Read More →

Tequila Patrón Package


What goes inside is a closely held secret of the Patrón Spirits Company. I’m not allowed to say more than that. I can confidently tell you that you’ll never see… Read More →

Lititz Springs Vodka & Gin


Lititz Springs is a revived historical brand, owned by Stoll & Wolfe Distillery, in Lititz Pennsylvania. The inspiration for this brand is primarily derived from the Stoll & Wolfe parent brand’s… Read More →

Minor Case Rye Whiskey


Minor Case Rye Whiskey is produced by Limestone Branch Distillery, in Lebanon Kentucky. Limestone Branch is owned and operated by seventh-generation distillers, Steve & Paul Beam, of the legendary whiskey… Read More →

George Washington’s Rye Whiskey

George Washington's Rye Whiskey, Mount Vernon

Updated labels for George Washington’s Rye Whiskey, produced at his original distillery site, using the same recipe as it was made from in 1797. Visit for more fascinating information… Read More →

Ezra Brooks


Ezra Brooks is a classic American Bourbon with a long heritage and a loyal following. But years of neglect left the brand and the bottle looking decades out of date… Read More →

George Dickel 17-Year Tennessee Whisky


A special package design for this special edition, 17-year old Tennessee Whisky. The label & closure designs are intended to relate strongly to the existing everyday Dickel family lineup, while… Read More →