Patrón Estate Release Tequila Blanco

I’m no sommelier, but I’ve been sipping this Estate Release Tequila and enjoying it very much. So, whether you want them or not, here are my official-unofficial first impressions. To me, it’s a very good tequila with absolutely none of the bitter/burnt, back-of-the-palate “bite” that might turn away would-be drinkers with unhappy tequila experiences. It’s very approachable and at 84 proof the nuanced flavor and the alcohol are perfectly balanced. It’s very complex, many-faceted and “soft” for a Blanco.

A bourbon drinker would love this, which surprises me since it’s not aged in oak. The nose is very familiar to a whiskey lover, with vanilla at the forefront. On the tongiue it’s white sugar, vanilla (a hint of birthday cake frosting), fragrant cedar, bubblegum, jute (maybe that’s sisal or vetiver?), pineapple and maybe even a subtle hint of the Mexican herb Damiana. Every bottle of good tequila, when I open it, does transport me instantly to Mexico – even a well-made margarita can do that. But this one, as soon as I could smell it, took me specifically to Atotonilco el Alto. The red dirt – and a little rain – I swear I could smell that place it the moment I popped the cork. Maybe I’m just sentimental. But this truly reminds me of the Hacienda. And in this case, it’s not only where the tequila was made, but it’s where the agave was grown. This, of course, is the whole point of an “Estate” release – to capture the terroir of the place where it was made – and it’s been executed marvelously here. The design of the package, by the way, is crafted entirely around this notion.

More information about the package & design at a later time. For now, pictures.


Patrón Estate Release Tequila Package design

Patrón Estate Release Tequila Package design