Jim Beam Black 2016 Holiday Edition

This limited release of only 5,000 bottles was only briefly for sale at two Jim Beam distilleries in Kentucky.

For my part, I was honored and happy to help the good people in the Beam Suntory creative department make this limited edition a little extra special this year. Great people to work with. Good collaboration, as always. After a thorough exploration of over 12 different concepts and about 60 sub-variations, eventually, the design was brought back around, close to home and close to the core brand.

In the end, though my ultimate contribution was limited to some celebratory typographic design augmentations on the closure and front label, and a bit of fancy detailing (an original snowflake motif rendered in high-build varnish and custom, festive corner ornamentations), I’m always delighted to know that I’m in the Rolodex of the good people in Deerfield. It’s always an honor to work with them and it’s a treat to be included when a premium, rarity or limited edition needs a little extra something special.







Jim Beam Black