Woodinville Whiskey Company Whiskey-Aged Cigars

A special edition and a custom design for a one-time release, hand-rolled premium cigar to celebrate the much anticipated release of Woodinville Whiskey Company’s 5-years aged, 100% Rye Whiskey. Hand-made in the Pacific Northwest by our own San Juan Cigar Company – seasoned in a specially-designed humidor where the cigars acquire a subtle, pleasant whiskey aroma to the smoke.

This original cigar band is designed to honor the rich tradition of Spanish Caribbean cigar band design, convey the premium nature of these special sticks, and simultaneously present both (whiskey and cigar) brands in a way which celebrates the partnership which lead to this unique product. Printing a single pass of brown ink on natural brown kraft paper is an economical way to create depth of color and texture – and is carefully matched to both the whiskey label nameplate and the limited edition paperboard box in which the first 500 bottles will be presented.

Cigars hand-made by San Juan Cigar Company.

Printing by Evolution Press.

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