WhistlePig Farm 15-Year Vermont Estate Oak Straight Rye

WhistlePig Farm already had a strong existing brand and package system going when they engaged me for this release. The project objective was to work with what they had and make it a little more special in celebration of this, their oldest rye whiskey released to date. To accomplish this task, a two-label system was designed to isolate and emphasize the unique attributes of this release. A special neck-band label was also created and the usual ornamentation and details which surround the brand label were replaced with custom-illustrated oak leaves, which emphasize the importance of the estate-grown Vermont oak used in the finishing of this product. The labels were printed on premium paper and foil stamped for a touch of luxury. And a heavy, custom-cast pewter cork tops it all off quite literally.

Whistle Pig Rye Package Design

WhistlePig Rye Package Design

WhistlePig Whiskey Label Design

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey 15-year label design