Woodinville Brewing Co. Brand Identity & Package

A new brand identity and package design for Woodinville Brewing Company’s inaugural release: A Mesquite Smoked, Barrel-Aged Robust Porter. Aging this rich, smoky beer reincarnates a few lucky American-Oak barrels for their third life. First they were Woodinville Whiskey Co Bourbon Barrels – not a bad place to start. For their second use, they aged the same company’s popular, Grade-A, Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. Finally, the beer comes to rest, mingle and mellow with all those other wonderful things. Where a barrel could go from here, I don’t know.

Since all future releases under this name are slated to be whiskey-barrel aged, the round brand identity is roughly inspired by barrel-head stencil styling. Black, wax-dipped closure and satin high-build varnish treatment on the label give greater depth, dimension and tactile appeal that typical flat beer labels.



Beer Label Design

beer label design

Woodinville Brewing Company Smoked Porter Package Design