Woodinville Whiskey Co. White Dog

A complete refresh of Woodinville’s much out-of-date White Dog package design. Surgically redesigned to reflect the current brand image and family with Woodinville’s other popular whisky products – all this without the need to re-submit a COLA application to the TTB. All informational content is, letter-for-letter, the same as the COLA approval from four years ago and therefor falls under the TTB “Allowable Changes” provision and requires no further review and no 60-day-plus waiting period – from inspiration to production in record time.

As for the unique attributes of this product – the monochromatic layout, snow-white paper and silver foil were carefully coordinated to emphasize the liquid’s crystal-clear, pure nature – in stark, gleaming contrast to the warm tones used with the aged products.

white dog whiskey label

white whiskey label

spirits packaging

whiskey designer

white whiskey label design

package designer