Old Boudreau’s Insanely Small Batch Whiskey

This is the inaugural release of what promises to be an exciting and very interesting line of rare specialty whiskeys. Old Boudreau himself (Jamie Boudreau – not really that old), has already received world acclaim for his award-winning bar, Canon: Whiskey & Bitters Emporium in Seattle, Washington. The awards are too many to list here but they include titles like “World’s Largest Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Collection, Best Bar in the world, World’s Best Spirits Collection, World’s Best Drinks Selection” and so on.

And now, with that on his resumé, Mr. Boudreau is curating and producing his own series of specialty whiskeys.

In such a setting, the package could be nothing short of spectacular. Jamie has an eye for classic elegance, centuries-old fanciful phrasing and an appreciation for tongue-in-cheek hyperbole, all of which were embraced in the conception and execution of this label design and the label text as well.

The label set is modular, allowing for the economical addition of future releases via the bottom label, without re-printing of the expensive upper portion. The closure is carefully dipped in black sealing wax in just such a way as to reveal the text of the neck label.

The labels are printed on uncoated stock via digital CMYK printing, with gold foil hot-stamping and an additional black plate printed on top of the gold foil for added depth and dimensionality. It’s all finished off with a round-contour emboss and the very limited use of a spot gloss plate.

Proof, Alc/Vol statement and vintage date are all hand-written with a gold pen.






premium whiskey and cigar label design

Old Boudreau’s Insanely Small Batch Whiskey Bottle Label Package Design