George Washington’s Mount Vernon Historic Single Malt Whisky

I had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with the folks who are preserving the legacy of – our original Commander in Chief – George Washington’s estate and historic distillery at Mount Vernon, Virginia. The preservation effort here is epic and describing it is well beyond the scope of what I’m attempting to accomplish here on this site. But It’s certainly worth looking into.

More information about the estate and the distillery can be found here.

And here’s more information about the whisky and auction.

For my small role in this on-going effort, I was invited to create a new package design for the distillery’s first single malt whisky. The story of the whisky itself is quite remarkable, again it’s beyond the scope of this site to describe – and again, it’s worth reading about here (and quite a few other places). In short, some of the world’s foremost Scotch distillers came together to collaborate on a single release of only 60 bottles (30 each of two different expressions): Master Distillers John Campbell of Laphroaig, Andy Cant of Cardhu, Bill Lumsden of Glenmorangie, and Dave Pickerell of Maker’s Mark, Hillrock Estate and Whistle Pig. The first two bottles sold at auction for $26,000, proceeds to benefit the preservation and restoration of the Mount Vernon estate.

The whisky has been very well received. The package design was well received and I couldn’t be happier about the process and resulting relationship with this group of exceptional people.