Flea Market Inspiration


I was recently showing an out-of-town guest around our city’s best-loved attractions and found myself at a flea market, standing in front of a huge table, piled three inches deep… Read More →

Creating New Paper Packaging Ideas


One of my favorite left/right brain partnerships is paper engineering. I find it terrifically satisfying to invent a new box closure system, wrap, carton, envelope, invitation – what have you… Read More →

New Glass Bottle Designs


I’m excited to announce some new custom glass bottle designs for my wonderful clients in the spirits industry. Here are a few samples of what we’re up to – all… Read More →

Packaging That Sells: Dried Hops


How do you differentiate a small, local hops producer from all the others? For a company who’s primary market is with home brewers, that means standing out from the competition… Read More →